About Us

Green Masters was founded in 1981 by Lennart and Britt Edstrom.   They had bought the nursery Ivan Jensen and Sons from Erik and Paul Jensen – whose father Ivan started the original nursery at our current location in 1966.

Lennart received his Master Degree in Horticulture from Alnarp University in Sweden.    He interned for 2 years in the US before working for DCK in Sardinia, Italy before becoming the technical director of 3 huge farms with over 5000 people in Kenya, Africa.   Lennart moved his family to Florida in 1977 and worked on consulting with other Apopka nurseries before starting on his own on February 1st, 1981.

Erik Jensen stayed on as grower and helped Lennart convert the foliage nursery back to a flower grower and over the next 19 years  – greenhouse production when from 2.5 acres to almost 8 acres in production.    The total acreage is about the same but the number of crops grown has gone up exponentially.

In 1990,  Filip Edstrom – joined the company with a Master Degree in Business Administration from University of Central Florida.    Four years later, Mikael Edstrom joined the company with a Master Degree in Horticulture from University of Florida.

In 2005, Doug Abele took over as grower and with his vast experience at Natural Beauty & Grower Direct, he help is grow our annual program and continue to vertically integrate all of our production programs.

More to follow….


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